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Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Our Sauna Blankets are scientifically proven to be the leading treatment for weight loss and detoxifying the body of harmful chemicals. Our easy-to-use Sauna Blankets will leave you feeling healthy and rejuvenated after the first use. It only takes 15 minutes of laying in our Sauna Blankets to start the body detoxifying process and see why we are the #1 choice by Australians of all ages.

Do you want to increase
your body's natural ability to fight
infections, bacteria and viruses?
Are you looking to lose weight, burn fat,
accelerate metabolism, sleep deeper, have faster
recovery, have better skin, have more energy,
fewer aches and pain and feel more alive?
The best way to lose weight, eliminate toxins
from the comfort of your own home any time of
the year but especially in winter just by using
these Sauna Blankets for under 30 mins a dav!




  1. ❤️ Lose unwanted fat in less than 30 mins only 2-3 times a week while relaxing
  2. ❤️Burn up to 600 calories
  3. ❤️Help digestion
  4. ❤️Anti-aging, boost collagen & enhance your
    skin's natural glow
  5. ❤️ Calm your mind
  6. ❤️Relieve aches & pains
  7. ❤️ Deep detox in just 30 mins
  8. ❤️Reduce anxiety & depression
  9. ❤️Increase blood circulation
  10. ❤️ Reduce inflammation
  11. ❤️Accelerate metabolism
  12. ❤️ Deeper & better sleep
  13. ❤️ Glowing & younger-looking skin
  14. ❤️ 14-day money-back guarantee
  15. ❤️ Save $1000,s from spa & massage

Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness
Did you know that in many countries, radiant
heat therapy is widely used to treat patients
suffering from many forms of arthritis? Radiant
heat has also been effective in the treatment of
sprains, neuralgia, bursitis, muscle spasms, joint
stiffness, and many other muscular-skeletal
ailments. Much of the stiffness, aches and
soreness that comes with aging is reduced or
• Promotes recovery after exercise
• Assist in opening up the nasal passages so
great for sinus infections
• Flushes toxins and heavy metals out of the
• Provides pain relief with back issues, arthritis,
sore muscles & joints
• Reduce Menopausal cramps & other
symptoms by increasing blood flow &
releasing endorphins
• Assist in opening up the nasal passages so
great for sinus infections
• Heal your mind & body, save $1000,s from the
comfort of your home

Increase Metabolism, Burn Calories &
Lose Weight
As you relax in the Infrared Slimming Sauna
Blanket when it's on, your body is actually
working hard producing sweat, pumping blood,
and burning calories. As your body increases
sweat production to cool itself, your heart will
work harder to pump blood at a greater rate to
boost circulation. This increase in your
metabolism will burn calories.

 Our Sauna Blanket is proven to cause natural
thermal effects in the body while accelerating
metabolism. It causes your body heat and
sweating which promotes deep inner cleansing
of the body through the skin while eliminating
toxic chemicals and heavy metals.
Reduces muscle aches and pain, and helps
weight loss by burning up to 600 calories in one

How to get started?
1- Wear comfortable loose cotton clothing but
(not necessary) for people who want to sweat
none stop. Socks are required!

2- Lay the Sauna Blanket on a flat surface such as
your bed, couch, massage table, yoga mat, or on
the ground.

3- Drink plenty of water beforehand (1 liter)
because you are going to be sweating intensely
while using the sauna blanket.

4- You'll need a barrier between your body and
the blanket. Use a towel for added comfort. Make
sure to have a pillow, towel and a glass of water
next to your sauna blanket before starting

5- Preheat the Sauna Blanket for 10 minutes.
Select a temperature level by the remote.

6- Have your favorite music or some meditation
audio ready.

7- Slip into your Saupa Blanket and zip yourself in.

8- Enjoy a joyful 30-45 minute session.

9- Rinse off in an icy shower to cleanse your body,
cool your system, and keep the healing going

How To Choose The Temperature?

✔️Setting 1 (30°C - 35°C): To soothe and stimulate
your body, help with relaxation and enhance your
sense of well-being.

✔️Setting 2 (35°C - 40°C): Best for recovery and
muscle relaxation.

✔️ Setting 3 (40°C - 50°C): For a comfortable
sweat session.

✔️ Setting 4 (50°C - 60°C) For those who want to
get a REAL sweat on. This setting will get your
heart pumping and can help you burn up to 600
calories. You can go over this temperature if you
listen to your body.

It's very important to listen to your body and find
what works best for you. We recommend starting
at 50°C and working your way up from there.


Feel Safe With 14 Days Money Back Guarantee:

Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s leading Premium Product Supplier. if the product arrives damaged, broken or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!