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Foldable Lightweight Disability Wheelchair

$399 $600

Australia's NO1 Affordable Foldable Disability Wheel Chair

A fantastic foldable disability wheel chair for those needing an accessible option for the elderly or disabled. Great for use at home or in care facilities.

Practicality, reliability and comfort is required to provide well deserved freedom and confidence. This premium wheelchair has a sporty and sturdy powder-coated steel design that can hold up to 90kg.

Foldable Disability wheelchair- Get Proper Comfort & Reliability:

Foldable wheelchairs are created to be quickly removed and packed, making them an excellent choice for individuals. This wheelchair is designed for people who wish to travel without worrying about their wheelchair interfering in the way. 

You won't need to be concerned about keeping your wheelchair at home, whether going on a trip or doing chores. Furthermore, foldable wheelchairs are frequently less expensive than standard wheelchairs, making them an excellent choice for individuals on a tight budget.

Advantages 0f This Foldable Wheelchair:

Traveling might be difficult when you are a differently-abled person. However, with a portable wheelchair, you may have the independence you deserve while reaping several additional benefits. Some of the advantages of utilizing a foldable wheelchair are mentioned below:

Increased Mobility:

This foldable wheelchair allows you to travel places you couldn't previously, such as up and down stairs or across uneven terrain.


You won't have to rely on people to push your wheelchair around – you can go anywhere you want, whenever you want.


Biohealing foldable Wheel chair will only cost you 250$. You don't have to spend thousands of Dollars.


Here are some of the most important characteristics of a foldable wheelchair that make it a popular choice.

Portability & Durability:

It is ideal for travel, users on the go, and storage. Quality components that are powerful enough to enable you to move freely are used. Folding power wheelchairs are built with ease of use and comfort in mind.


Compact And Portable:

These wheelchairs may be packed into the trunk of your car or SUV and utilized for travel and convenient transport. Power chairs that fold are portable and require no additional storage. Simply store it in your closet or garage and save your space.

Ideal For Travel:

Foldable wheelchairs that fold are ideal for travel. To transport, just fold in the rear of your trunk or SUV. Take a cruise and even travel domestically or internationally with your foldable chair. You can bring this anywhere and anytime within seconds.

Enjoy A Comfortable Ride:

This wheelchair has an ABS anti-skid armrest and solid & wear-resistant materials. It is comfortable to ride. You can easily push and brake smoothly without any hassle. It also has a 3D comfortable honeycomb air cushion, which is strong, breathable, comfortable, and wear-resistant. It gives control to pass the speed bumps and brick roads easily.

Easily Washable:

You can easily wash this wheelchair. You can unpick and wash it conveniently. So, overall it is easy to maintain. You can also wash the air cushion and remove all the stains.

Get Proper Safety:

It has a reinforced safety belt which can be easily adjusted for better protection. It also has backrest storage where you can keep all your personal belongings. Along with that, it has multiple safety features which keep you safe & secure all time.

Foldable wheelchairs are less heavier than traditional wheelchairs. These wheelchairs models are designed to offer complete convenience and portability. Buy this amazing lightweight wheelchair and travel the whole world with confidence. 

Product Features And Benefits:

This Equiped wheel chair features 2 height adjustable footrests that also swing out for easy access onto the wheel chair. Comfy padded armrests and a padded seat with generously proportioned backrest ensure a comfortable ride. And, thanks to the 2 second folding action and ergonomic handles, it makes for a relaxing day out for any helpers, too!

The large 5’’ front wheels and 16”/20’’ solid rear tyres roll the wheelchair smoothly over the bumps on a range of surfaces. Not only that, they also offer the practicality of not requiring to be refilled with air and will never experience a puncture!

Activating the easy access park brake levers locks the wheels into position – a perfect time to pull out some reading material from the backrest pouch! This Equiped Wheelchair certainly ticks all the boxes. Make the smart choice and enjoy well-deserved mobility!


✅ High-quality powder coated steel frame
✅ 90kg weight capacity
✅ 16/20-inch solid rear tyres. 
✅ 2 second folding action
✅ Dual hand park brakes
✅ Smooth wheel rail for self propelling
✅ Height adjustable footrests
✅ Safety seatbelt
Tall seat backrest
Backrest storage pouch
✅ The tires are made of polyurethane material, which is light and portable.

16'' Specification: Need Assistance To Push


Primary Product Material: Steel

Dimensions:80 (L) x60(W) x88 (H)cm

Folding size: 80 (L)*28(W)*69(H)CM

Weight Capacity: 90kg

Product Weight: About 11kg

20'' Specification: Can Push Themselves.


Primary Product Material: Steel

Dimensions:88 (L) x68(W) x90 (H)cm

Folding size: 85 (L)*30(W)*69(H)CM

Weight Capacity: 90kg

Product Weight: About 12.3kg

Package Include:

1 x Wheelchair